Joy Chia-Yu Yeh is a contextual artist, she reconstructs the contexts that she physically encountered, makes the familiar unfamiliar, to rethink her engagement in the world. By deciphering and deconstructing the contexts, then reconstructing the contexts with various materials in non-customary methodology, she creates alternative ways to knowing the world.

Joy has exhibited mainly in the UK and Taiwan for the past few years. She has held an MA from the Royal College of Art, UK and a BFA from the Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan; also did the exchange programme at the University of the Arts London. 

(* Indicates Performance)

2021    *SPIRITUALIS RITUAL, Richmond Park, London, UK
2019    A Primitive Tribe in the Modern World,Tamsui Plaza, Tamsui Historical Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan
             Grants: Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government
2018    Genre , TNUA Cabin, Innovation Incubation Centre of TNUA, Taipei, Taiwan
             Colour Dancing I , TNUA Bookshop, Taipei, Taiwan Five Hours, TNUA Bookshop, Taipei, Taiwan

(* Indicates Performance)

2023    Space, Place , curated by NOHATART, Broadway Gallery, Letcgworth, Herfordshire, UK 
2021    MA Contemporary Art Practice 2021 , Cromwell Place, London, UK
             RCA 2021 , Royal College of Art, Online
             EVERYTHING FOREVER, CAP Festival, Online
             Back to Back!, CAPTV, Online
             *Renaysonce Fayre, curated by Chloe Langlois, EVERYTHING FOREVER, CAP Festival, Online
             *Sorry Crisps MoD Manifesto, The State of Art Symposium, curated by Pil Kollectiv, Online
2020   What is She? , curated by NOHATART, Ex-Baldessarre, Belford, UK
              RCA WIP SHOW 2020 , Royal College of Art, London, UK
              CAPbaret, associated with TBCTV, Online
              *RISE UP WORMS! , directed by Chloe Langlois, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2019     Senior Grade Mid-Term show , TNUA Underground Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2018     UAL Final Term Show , University of the Arts London, London, UK
2017     *Seven Thousand Flakes , World Stage Design 2017, Taipei, Taiwan
              31th TNUA Fine Art Show , TNUA Underground Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2016     *Daily Assemble , TNUA Underground Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
               *Stop Breathing, While Crawling , TNUA Southwest Gallery, Taiwan

2023     Artistic Excellence Award: Spotlight Magazine Cover Contest, Circle Foundation for the Arts, Athen, Greece
2022     First Selection: Arte Laguna Prize 16th, Venice, Italy
2019      Shortlisted: Taipei Art Awards, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2019      Taiwan Government Educational Scholarship for Oversea Study (Art Programme) 
2019      Taiwan Hsing Tian Kong Long Term Gifted Students Scholarship for Art Talented
2016      Selected: City Memories: 21th Maritime Silk Road- Taiwan Station of Macao Contemporary Illustrations Competition, Associação Comercial Fujian - Taiwan de Macau, Macao

2021    Jinology selected by Michelle Williams Gamaker, The Elements , RCA 2021 , Online

2024.   Architectural Fireworks Design Competition Examplar on social media, Bompas and Parr | London Festival of Architecture (LFA) 2024, 16 May, 2024
2023    Arte Laguna World, Arte Laguna Prize, 10 Sep. 2023
2019    'The Artistic Experiment between Friends – Dual Solo Exhibition by Tzeng Yi-Jie and Yeh Chia-Yu', Cultural Affairs Department, Tamsui Historical Museum, New Taipei City            
              Government, 11 May

2024    Fashion Design Programme, Shih Chien University Continuing Education Center, Taiwan
2023    Modern Dance Programme, led by former Cloud Gate Dance Company dancer Wang Chou Yeh, Taiwan
              My Dance Body Programme, led by Hsu Chen Wei Dance Company dancers Chen Wei Hsu & Chi Cheng Chen, Taiwan
2022    Animation 3D Modelling Programme, Animation & Visual Effects Association, Taiwan
2017     World Stage Design 2017 Volunteer, organized by OISTAT, TATT & TNUA, Taiwan
              Body and Matter, Science and Performance Workshop, led by artist Wen Chi Su Theatre Lighting and Sound Technology Workshop, Chiayi Performing Art Center (PAC), Taiwan

2023-   Science and Sports Images Research Assistant, National Science and Technology Council, Taiwan
2021     Art Project Cooperator & Executive, Self-employed for performance SORRY CRISPS MINISTRY OF DEFENCE RAVE PARTY, London, UK
2016     Theatre Costume designer and Producer, Theatre Department Grade Show in Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan

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