Jinology (2021)
film, publication , installation and  performance





Jinology features three experimental videos and a newspaper. Inspired by the Chinese character "金" (Jin), which refers to the heart and small intestine in traditional Chinese medicine and the theory of Yin and Yang, representing warmth and upwardness, while in its original meanings, it is associated with money, economy, and finance.

Jinology-Risk or Profit?
uses the rules of chess to metaphorically represent the importance of stability in the flow of Jin in contemporary economic activity. Success and failure are often separated only by a thin line.

Jinology-Essence measures different physical spaces through the body, an imprecise measurement language to explore the abstracted structure of Jin and how it can be quantified in real environments.

Jinology-Beginning Ritual is a ritual that opens the chapter of Jin’s discussions.

The newspaper Jinology-Silver vs Gold mockingly discusses the gold standard in monetary history through fake news and strange mathematical logic.

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