Sorry Crisps Ministry of Defense Rave Party (2021)


In 2021, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic confined people themselves in their own rooms, the outside environment had become off-limits. Thus, I collaborated with artists QingQing Liu, Chloe Langlois, River Cao and DJ Nanzen Yang and works by Arianne Churchman and Kühle Wampe to hold an online Zoom event Sorry Crisps Ministry of Defense Rave Party, inviting public audiences to freedom their own body in the virtual world. The event was expanded from the short presentation in STATE OF THE ART CAP Symposium, organized by Pil Kollectiv with a diplomatic delegation from Plastique Fantastique for RCA Contemporary Art Practice programme festival Everything Forever.

We represented the Ministry of Defense (MoD), a department transformed from defending national territory in the real world to defend national interests in the virtual world. By holding a rave party that showed the MoD promotional parade, read the MoD manifesto, and did the dance improvisation with audiences in front of the screens, we hoped to achieve TOTAL FLESH COMMUNISM, where the state becomes a subscription service (albeit mandatory) and all the activities in each audience 's room were re-controlled and reorganized by MoD.

The manifesto:
Behind the scene.

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