TU-1 & TU-2 (2020-2021)

film & installation

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TU-1 intends to transform my unforgettable travelling experience in a humorous way. I took the flight from London to Venice in 2019,  during the journey, the flight crossed over the sky of Alps, I was so astonished to see how spectacular it was with ice and snow both on its peaks and valleies. Thus, in TU-1 I entrusted a flock of birds’ illusion, with their migration journey to repicture my feeling and emotion at the time. It showed with a sculptural installation in RCA WIP SHOW 2020, and also was selected by NOHAT ART for video art screening ‘What is She?’ at EX-Baldessarre in Belford, UK, which was a sister event to artist Andy Holden’s exhibition ‘What am I?’.

TU-2 has developed from TU-1 which expanded further to the discussion of mother nature, by embedding the Greek mythology of Gaia and Hou Tu Niang Niang in Chinese mythology. It showed on Everything Forever, a 3-week online exhibition featuring 90+ artists from around the globe who met on the RCA Contemporary Art Practice course.

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